• Liz Gergel

Yoga Under the Stars

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to play cello for a "Water Yoga Under the Stars" event at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort. I've collaborated with painters in the past, and it felt similar to shape my playing to the gentle swaying movement in the starlit hot springs pool. It was a truly meditative experience for me, which was unexpected but certainly welcome.

View from my run/hike in Nathrop, CO

Before playing that evening, I had the opportunity to go for a run/hike in the San Isabel National Forest, which led to a peak with a stunning view of Mt. Princeton. Having struggled with plantar fasciitis since before I moved to CO, I haven't run very much during my time here. Hence, this was my first experience running above 8,000 feet. About two miles in I had to switch to hiking. Upon making this transition, I was no less short of breath. I find the altitude to be very humbling.

Stunning Peak of Mt. Princeton

Three weeks later, I was fortunate to return to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort to play in the restaurant and spa. I went for another run on the same trail. This time the humbling part was having to turn around just shy of the summit. The snow was gradually becoming deeper, and ever since fracturing my wrist two years ago I am wary of ice. I'm sure I have fallen over a hundred times while running, but the one time I slipped on ice the wrong way led to a broken wrist. So, for once using the discretion which I often ignore, I turned around. At many times in my life this would have led to frustration and disappointment. However, this time it led me to reflect on why life is about the journey, not the destination.

Same mountain peak, three weeks later

During my run on the second visit, darkness was already beginning to fall, despite how it was about the same time of day. With daylight savings time and the incipient shadow of winter, the temperature and light difference was palpable. Reflecting on the passage of time since my last visit, I mused over how caught up one can get in daily happenings, and how easy it is to lose perspective. It is so important to take a step back, breathe in the cool mountain air, and appreciate every moment since the seasons of life change so fast.

I am so grateful that my work takes me to cool places. It doesn't necessarily compensate me well, but when it yields a free vacation I don't mind one bit. Thanks for reading. I hope you find time to enjoy the great outdoors this season! Cheers.




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