• Liz Gergel

Gigs in the Great Outdoors

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String duo wedding gig in gorgeous Aspen, CO

Being a freelance musician has many joys and many challenges, and arguably one of my favorite parts is being able to enhance a wedding with beautiful music. While I have played more weddings than I can count, I never tire of them. It is such an incredible privilege to play for a day that for many is one of the most important of their lives. Often those getting married will be unsure of what they want for ceremony music, and I love working together with them to determine their musical preferences and together find repertoire that will be meaningful for them.

Solo wedding gig in gorgeous Crested Butte, CO

While living in South Carolina I most frequently played with a string trio or string quartet for weddings. In Colorado thus far the majority of weddings I've played have been either solo or with one other musician. When gigging outdoors you never know what the weather will bring, especially up in the CO mountains. I have a gig cello, but I don't like to play it if I'm also playing for the cocktail hour. Even with a tent it can be risky. One time last fall I was playing a wedding in Morrison when a few raindrops started to fall. The cardigan which was supposed to be covering my shoulders ended up keeping my cello dry!

Riding a gondola up to the ceremony site!

This particular wedding in Aspen (photo above) was interesting, since the reception was in Snowmass, CO. When I heard the ceremony and reception were in different locations, I assumed they were within five minutes of one another. They were half an hour apart! This is not the first time I've made an assumption based on my experience living in other places. Colorado is different - especially mountaintop weddings. That particular gig involved a lot of driving, but it was worthwhile.

My transportation around Crested Butte, CO

On the opposite side of the transportation spectrum, this was the bike I rode around Crested Butte. Don't worry, I didn't ride it with my cello. In fact, that ceremony and reception were indeed five minutes apart, so not every wedding in CO defies my ignorant assumptions. I wish every place were as bike friendly as this adorable mountain town! People leave bikes unlocked and return to find them in their place. After having four parts stolen off of my bike while living in Eugene, OR this fact truly amazed me.

If you've read this far, thank you. I hope you enjoyed the photos and my first blog post. More to come! Cheers.




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